Here at TUBPodcast we’re huge gamers and there’s nothing we enjoy playing more than NBA 2K… and we know there’s a massive, dedicated group of likeminded British basketball fans who feel the same. It’s for that reason, that this season, we’re going to bring the community together and shine a spotlight on the best online ballers in Britain.

Get Involved!

Between 9PM-11PM, Tuesday & Thursday, we’ll be showcasing #TUB2k across our social media! This is your chance to get involved, show off your gameplay and interact with the community. Create your own journey and keep us updated, or play against other members of the #TUB2k by signing up to our #TUB2K Tournament. Each week we’ll be following the same schedule:

Game mode How to get involved Required Content
MyPlayer Upload your clip, screen grab or news, tag TUBPodcast and use the hashtag #TUB2k Upgrades / Attributes, Inventory, Gameplay, Records, Face Scans
TUB2K Tournament Send us your gamertag / PSN ID to gain entry into the TUB2K Tournament or share your MyTeam updates by uploading a clip, screen grab and tagging TUBPodcast and using the hashtag #TUB2k Packs, Auctions, Collections, Line-ups, Rewards, Gameplay
ALL Game Modes Upload your clip, screen grab or news, tag TUBPodcast and use the hashtag #TUB2k Online Modes: Game Winners, Dunks, Dimes, Blocks, Broken Ankles, Glitches, Fails, Packs

Offline Modes: Glitches, Fails

Got a clip, screen grab or news you want to send in? Here’s how to get involved.

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  3. Share your screen capture, news or upload your clip on any of the formats above, tag TUBPodcast and use the hashtag #TUB2k
  4. Send us your gamertag / PSN ID

*Once submitted, content will be deemed royalty-free and may be used across any of TUBPodcast’s outlets.

Top Packs

Here are some of our best pulls on 2k this year. Had a better pull? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list!