Asmir Begovic interviews childhood hero Steve Nash

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash was interviewed by Chelsea FC goalkeeper and basketball fan Asmir Begovic in New York City, where the two played football with other professional athletes in an annual charity game organised by the Steve Nash Foundation. Formed in 2001, the Steve Nash Foundation is a charity aimed at helping underserved children around the world.

The three-point specialist spoke about his childhood in the British Columbia, revealing that “I grew up playing soccer, hockey, baseball and lacrosse. Basketball was really the last sport I took up seriously and it stuck.”

Speaking to his “childhood hero”, Begovic asked the former Canadian NBA star who his own heroes were growing up, “I really tried to emulate Isiah Thomas as a player, but also guys in my community that I could see up close and see how they trained and how they played.”

The former Phoenix Suns star also shared his memories of the 1996 NBA Draft, which produced fellow NBA stars Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Ray Allen. “It was my first trip to New York, I got to know the guys that were in my class and at the time you don’t realise you’re going to play 15-20 years against them,” said Nash. “It turned out to be a special class, definitely in the top three of all time.”

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Source: Pitch London
Image: NBA UK