Edinburgh University to partner basketballscotland’s WBBL franchise

basketballscotland announced today that Edinburgh University have become a partner of basketballscotland’s new WBBL Franchise.

The partnership, which basketballscotland hope will be the first of many, is focused on providing performance opportunities for student athletes.

The key focus of the partnership will be to support the recruitment of top Scottish athletes by enabling the offer of a support package including educational opportunities at one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions as well as access to accommodation.

The athletes recruited to the programme who choose to study at the University of Edinburgh will also be provided with additional high level competitive opportunities through the BUCS (British Universities) Premier Division.

As part of this agreement, the new National Performance Coach, Bart Sengers will retain head coach duties with Edinburgh University’s Basketball Club’s BUCS team in a move designed to provide a level of consistent coaching for the athletes playing in these two high level teams.

Additionally, the University will fund a “Performance Coach Internship.” This exciting development will provide an opportunity for a coach to work alongside the National Performance Coach on a part time basis over the next two years, while potentially undertaking a Masters in a sports related degree programme and other coach development opportunities.

Related to this, the Edinburgh University Basketball Club will continue to compete in the Scottish Basketball Championships (SBC), however this will be primarily focused on developing student players who are not involved in the WBBL franchise.

The individual recruited to the Performance Coach Internship will support the Edinburgh University team in the Scottish Basketball Championships.

Source: basketballscotland
Image: C.Cox