Dunk Elite set to take flight in England as part of their 2016 World Tour

Everybody loves dunking – whether it’s on fast break, in somebody’s face or in a contest, dunking is the ultimate way to express yourself on the court. If you know anything about streetball you know that the best dunkers in the world are no longer found in the NBA but in summer’s top 5×5 and 3×3 tournaments around the world. They jump over cars, people and props making for some of the most insane basketball acrobatics ever seen!

What’s become more apparent in the last couple of years is that the dunk contest is the reason why most people come to these events in the first place!

“I noticed the trend shifting a few years ago” – says Dunk Elite’s founder Simon Piechowski – “People would contact us directly, just to ask what time the contest will start be because they don’t really care that much about the games. It made me realise that it’s the dunk contest that gets everybody on the edge of their seat and makes people get their phones out to share it all on their social media.
I was so sure of the development of professional dunking that I quit a very prosperous job at the biggest sports management company in the world and decided to do this full time. Since then we’ve been working with the biggest names in the basketball world, including the NBA and FIBA to name just a couple.”

Often referred to as the “modern Harlem Globetrotters”, Dunk Elite brings together the best high flyers from around the world including the United States, Canada, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine. Dunk Elite Live is an international series of dunking events simply known as the world championship in dunking. The roster incudes the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend hero Jordan “Mission Impossible’ Kilganon, yes, the dude who dunked in jeans, 5’5 YouTube sensation Porter “What’s Gravity!?’ Maberry and the 4x FIBA World Dunk Champion Rafal “Lipek” Lipinski as well as others.

The UK event on the 12th June is a part of Dunk Elite’s 2016 world tour starting on the 6th May in Sweden. Six athletes will square off several times in a grand-prix format with unified rules and edge-of-the-seat entertainment from the first to the last minute.

This is a one-off, not-to-be missed event. Tickets are now available via www.dunkelite.com

Source: PrimeStar Sports | Dunk Elite
Image: Dunk Elite