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New book details Towers’ venture into Europe’s top flight

“Where the salary of one team’s twelfth man equals that of this team’s entire roster” – Recently published book SEMI-PRO-AM tells the compelling story of a BBL team’s arduous season competing in Europe.

The London Towers went from the relative seclusion of playing in the British Basketball League to being thrust onto the biggest stage in European Basketball. Through a gruelling 80-game season they faced a vast array of opposition: from former NBA stars closing out their careers on the continent to teenage amateurs fighting to make their mark in the BBL. Although they won just one game against European competition the story of the Towers’ journey is remarkable.

Read an excerpt from the blurb below:

A Career Basketball Coach, GR. Wilson is releasing his first book to worldwide acclaim. SEMI-PRO-AM is the untold true story of a Basketball Reality you never knew existed. A world where NBA All Stars matchup against Footlocker Employees, where FIBA World Champions face High School Wannabes and where the salary of one team’s twelfth man equals that of this team’s entire roster.

Faced with a physically torturous and spirit crushing season like no other, fifteen men battle the opposition, each other and themselves to succeed simultaneously against everyone from the Sport’s Bottom Feeders and those who feast at its Highest Table. Eighty one games over a mere eight months in fourteen countries for just one team; this team.

SEMI-PRO-AM provides a candid insight into the gritty reality of the challenges faced by a BBL team pitted against Europe’s elite. A must read for any passionate hoops fan!

You can purchase the book from Amazon in paperback ( or from Smash Words as an e-book (

Author: Ed McNally

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